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Bridging the "Knowing-Doing" Gap in Financial Education
"To be effective, {financial literacy}programs have to recognize the many differences among individuals, not only in terms of preferences and economic circumstances but also of their existing levels of information, financial sophistication, and ability to carry though with plans."

Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies Report on Financial Literacy
Author: Annamaria Lusardi
February 2008

How We Are Different

The following key elements make Money Mentor different than other financial education programs:  

Automating Sustainable Financial Habits :

Money Mentor will help people automate financial transactions monthly to ensure that debt reduction, retirement savings and life goals are achieved sustainably and consistently without relying only on an individual’s “will power.” It will also provide a user-centric community where people can stay informed of changing financial products and practices to best help them gain and maintain financial strength and independence.  

Changing How People Think About Money :

Money Mentor technology allows consumers to easily make use of powerful cash flow management and decisioning tools that were once only used by sophisticated corporations. These tools allow people to run scenarios to simulate the impact to their lives of making important financial decisions. This technology allows people to become aware of how each monetary decision will bring them closer or take them further away from their life goals.  

The Lowest Cost/Highest Impact Financial Education :

Money Mentor’s virtual platform and business model allow it to deliver financial education at a fraction of the cost of traditional classroom and textbook based programs. This lower cost makes it easy for businesses and public organizations to adopt and scale the program to serve millions of consumers in the U.S. and around the world.

Bridging the Knowing Doing Gap:

Study after study shows that financial education today is unable to help people connect theory into their daily financial transactions. Money Mentor is the first financial education system that not only provides theoretical guidance, but also allows people to automatically apply new financial knowledge into action in their daily lives.

Accessible to All Learning Styles:

Unlike traditional book or classroom approaches to financial education, Money Mentor delivers lessons on sustainable financial principals with multimedia (audio, video, print) and in a variety of languages to accommodate diverse learning styles and cultures. This ensures that everyone can understand these important principals despite their educational and cultural background