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Leadership From Public Sector Organizations
"Colleges, universities, and other research entities should execute critical research into the state of financial literacy and the most effective measures to increase financial literacy in the United States."

President's Council on Financial Education 2008
Government, Universities and Non Profits
Government Institutions - As a nonprofit organization we fill an important role to help develop and implement consumer protection education and practices for our complex financial world. We work with representatives and agencies across the country to help support their policy efforts in the area of consumer protection, financial education and affordable housing.

Universities/Education/Nonprofits - Education is at the heart of our work and we look to partner with leading education organizations that are researching and innovating financial education.

We partner with leading universities conducting research on ways to improve financial education. We work with academic faculty and research centers to publish papers to inform policymakers and businesses on ways to improve the overall financial health of people in the U.S.

We also look for large nonprofit organizations that would like to provide financial education and counseling to their constituents. We will work with your organization to develop public/private funding partnership to ensure your constituents have access to the most effective and "user-friendly" financial education system anywhere.

If your program serves a population that you think will benefit from Money Mentor or if your institution would like to explore research partnerships we would like to hear from you.