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The Crisis
Unsustainable financial habits lead to serious problems for individuals and the global economy
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Our Solution
Money Mentor is the first virtual education program to provide real time personal financial management and coaching to help people make sound financial choices every day
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A Population At Risk
Conservative estimates put the number of people at risk (in the US alone) at 100 million individuals.
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Why Innovate Financial Education
Financial education has not kept up with the increased complexity of our 21st century economy. The global financial system continues to increase its complex mix of technology driven, intricate goods and services, while financial education has stagnated, providing only simple theory taught in the classic textbook and classroom style. This gap in how people are educated and how people behave contributes to a general lack of financial success. Financial education does not teach how to integrate information into actionable methods to successfully manage day-to-day financial responsibilities.

Implementing the Money Mentor technology based solution will close the knowing doing gap through the creation of an actionable financial plan coupled with a quick and easy access to the information (via computer and cell phone technologies). Implementing the Money Mentor process will teach as well as assist the user with day-to-day financial management, creating long term sustainable financial habits.