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Foundations: igniting the Spark of Innovation
Now more than ever, Foundations play a critical role in the development of "out of the box" social innovations that have the power to radically impact our world.
Foundation Investment
Our work focuses on pushing innovation to radically transform financial education, and the way people think about money. Our approach is radically different in that our program not only teaches people what to do to improve their financial lives, but also incorporates the tools they need to change their behavior and adopt habits that lead to financial sustainability.

We are looking to find visionary foundations that would like to partner with us on transforming the national and global financial education landscape. A solid financial education is critical to ending cycles of poverty and debt abuse that significantly affect people quality of life and our overall economy. Lets work together to create a future where every person is empowered to make intelligent, sustainable money decisions that will enhance their life and their community.

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