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Our Technology Partner - 5X Solutions
In order to create and deploy the Money Mentor System, CIE has created an innovative public/private partnership with Technology Provider 5x Solution.
5X Mission
Design and deploy state of the art solutions to social problems that result in an improved "life experience" for all stakeholders.
5X Team builds CounselorMax and changes an industry.
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The 5x Approach 

At 5x we are experts bridging the gap between the possibilities of the technology sphere and the practical realities of the business world.

We don’t just create technology applications; we have a business and life philosophy for helping people achieve great things. A philosophy centered on using technology to simplify and improve how work is done, freeing people from tedious work, so that they can apply their time and creativity to accomplishing greatness in their work and life. This philosophy is embodied in the technology we create and experienced by everyone who is affected by it.  

Our company is unique in a variety of ways.

  • Our “user-center” design process adapts to the way people naturally work and help to create technology that not only help solve problems, but that is an enjoyable experience for the user.

  • Our expertise in both business and technology position us well to assist clients in bridging the gap between technology sphere and the realities of the business world.

  • Speed to market. Our Agile Programming expertise and flat organization structure allow us to quickly research, design and roll out a technology solution solutions in a matter of weeks - months, not months – years.

  • Made in the U.S.A. Using the agile programming methods, our software is developed efficiently and made in the United States. This means a closer knit team, faster development times, reasonable production costs, and high quality products.

  • We are a social enterprise. Our society is facing some great challenges, including the lack affordable housing, undereducated and undisciplined habits related to financial awareness and financial fitness, poor management of healthcare, and a weakened, broken education system. We are focused on these major challenges that impact society and will do well by doing the right thing – provide our Users with a practical, scalable solution to assist in the resolution of these challenges.