Simple Steps, Easy Habits - A PLAN TO BUILD WEALTH

  • Answer 6 easy questions about yourself
  • We show you what your financial future holds in store for you
  • See how you spend money compared to other people like you
  • We show you what your peers are doing differently to succeed
  • Build an easy to use action plan
  • Get reminders to coach you
  • Safe and anonymous – signup is optional

What you get


Budgeting: How your expenses compare to others like you & tips to save more’


Personalized charts and ‘What if’ scenarios to help you


Checklist of tasks and habits that your peers are using to build wealth & a Personalized Plan


Optional reminders to keep you on track

Tell us about you

What is your age?

What is your situation?

Where do you live?

How much do you earn a year?

Your savings and expenses

How much do you spend?

What are your basic needs?

What are your discretionary expenses?

*Default values are based on Bureau of Labor Statistics data for 2014.

How much do you have currently saved?

Summary expenses

  • Basic Needs
  • Discretionary Needs
  • Savings

Detailed expenses

(Click the button to get more details about your expenses)

Compare you expenses with your peers

Your budget
$114.000 per year
Basic Needs $43,000 - 40%
Discretionary Expenses $43,000 - 40%
Savings $43,000 - 40%

Compare your budget to your peers

  • Basic Needs: $43,000 - 40%
  • Discretionary Expenses: $43,000 - 40%
  • Savings: $43,000 - 40%

You Your peers

Budget comparison

To see how your spending compares to others, return to the previous step and enter your expense details.

your peers

'What if' scenario

Play with the options on the left and see on the right how a simple change can affect your future wealth

Saving Rate %

Income $

*Defaults are based on your peers

Investment style

% of savings to invest

Retirement age



savings at retirement age

Pick a goal

Pick one or more goals from the left by dragging them over or by clicking the '+'

Picked Goals

Saving for retirement

Save Things to do Things to avoid Why

Action Plan

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